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New Materials have arrived!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of the new materials/patterns that have arrived to the HikeBikeDale factory.  Here is a snapshot of the new designs, colors, patterns that will be produced in the near future.  There are still 2 production models available HERE at if you are interested.  Otherwise, please be patient, the new versions will be arriving very soon!

Please note that we will have a new set of options at this point.  We plan on having a few various size options, as well as design changes.  We will have the "ultra cuddle" patterns, but also fleece versions that will be in the shop.

Also, please see the last photo that showcases the new FEMALE version that will be available also.  Girls like to get their camp on too, you know?

 Ultra Cuddle
 Standard fleece
Girl version



  1. Love the Monkey pattern with the headphones. That is what I am ordering!!!


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