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The Woes of Dry Baking!

I have been doing some really fruitful & successful dry baking operations.  3 tests ago, I decided to use my cozy the next time that I baked. I currently use a system of 25 baking minutes @ simmer level.  Then the last 2 times I used the system my goal was to get 10 minutes in the cozy post bake, and that should help heat up the interior that is often still uncooked.  Simply due to the inherant shape of the biscuit.  So the second to last time that I baked, things worked out well.  The biscuit was on for 22 minutes.  The setting for this specific bake was the kitchen counter, and then went into the cozy.  The bake went well, and the result of brown crustyness, and no sign of burnt parts, was amazing.  Some thoughts were given to the outside temperature of the pot. But unfortunately, what was to come, was not forecasted.  The last time I baked, it was an outside scenario.  The last 2 were outside scenarios.  These outside experiments were closer to real world conditions.  The wind blowing and the temperatures are different this time of year also.  In the end, I made a big mess of this pot and cozy.  Obviously, I need a new pot, and I know now to use something that can basically resist probably 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  Enjoy, I will keep trying not to screw things up!  :D