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Hello McDonald's Salsa Packets!

I have been reading this thread on the forums about ethical means of obtaining packets of sauces that hikers desire.  My choice is to have McDonald's Salsa packets.  They are yummy and go with so many things.  For me specifically egg tacos in flour tortillas!

So I just walked right up and asked the manager if I could buy them.  She told me my options were to buy a whole box of 408 packets for $12 or half of that box for $6.  But since she had an open one she sold it to me for $10.

So for $10 I got 362 packets of .5 oz salsa from McDonald's.  What a freaking DEAL!!!  There goes the moral argument on that deal, eh?


  1. Is it really that good, or is it the convenience?

    1. No that one doesn't taste good and neither does Sarah picante but the one that does taste good is the Mexican style sauce and I can't seem to find it anywhere that's the best one

  2. @thompson1879 - I believe that based on personal opinion this is the best that I have found. Salsa does not stay good after opening... but the packets rock!!! Since I am walking the Appalachian Trail for the next 7 months... I just figured $10 is a fair deal for 362 of them. There is no where that offers salsa packets for that kind of $$.

    Do I think McDonald's is amazing and healthy? NO! But convenient... well that also! It makes things simple I do agree there.

  3. That's great!!! I've never had the McDonald's salsa (I make and dry my own salsas for weight reduction) but these certainly would be convenient.

  4. Very cool. I enjoy their salsa on their breakfast burritos... I will definitely keep this in mind. I wonder if subway would do the same with their oil packets and stuff...

  5. I was just reading the January issue of Backpacker and they mention as an option for items like this. But, salsa on there is .23 cents a packet. 362 packets would be $83!! You paid 2.7 cents per packet, definitely a steal even if it is McDonalds.

  6. @Chris - I am totally down with Minimus, but it is a ripoff for people who cannot find any other means and need a solution. I refuse to pay those types of prices, when if I just ASK someone, I can find myself a deal locally & not pay for shipping.

    Mind you I went to the McD's outside of Walmart... and asked and they refused me. I went over to the McD's next door (owned by the same company) inside the Walmart, and that gal sold this box to me. It just depends on your desire to be persistant.

  7. Now someone needs to ask at Taco Bell for the Fire sauce !!

  8. I have been looking for these to purchase for a while. I love them. I will check with my McDonalds!!! Thanks!

  9. Sometimes when I go to Macs or Taco Bell I just pick up a couple of extra sauce packets (more than I need for that day) and stash them away for future use on hikes. A few here and a few there and they can really add up. Maybe not enough for 7 months at a time, but most of my trips are shorter than that.


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