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July Winner!!! - Sawyer Squeeze kit

I received a text the other day from my boss at Performance Bike shop.  He stated that I had received a package, and that I had won something.  I thought... that was odd.  So I went to check it out... and guess what?  I won a Sawyer Squeeze kit!  Yay!  Check out the pics.  I really like the adapter that you can see in the third picture that lets you put it inline with your hydration system.  I have read a couple of reviews that stated that the bags that the kit comes with are easily broken during use.


  1. Congrats on the win! These are really great filters, IMO. They are the only "filter" that I will use...otherwise, it's chemicals for me! :)

  2. What's strange is almost all the pros who use The Super Six Evo use SRAM Red, perhaps it's that it mats well with it. Electric bikes


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