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New bike that the painter replaced... Scattante XRL

     Let's move on pass the mud & slippery issues with the Fuji, and let's get back to what happened between the painter & me, in regards to the frame replacement.  Even to this day I have received no compensation from the painter.  I text him once a week to remind him that I have not forgotten.  Let's say that he fully understands what my opinions are of the situation and that he still owes me the funds to replace the frame.  But those details are not to be concerned because I replaced the frame and built this other bike from the ground up so that I would have 2 bikes to ride on the road.  This need for 2 bikes on the road is because if one stops working, then the training plan in place might be compromised.  So in efforts to get the most out of the training schedule, we are now fully equipped with 2 nice road bikes.  I guess life is not too bad to me lately.  I am a lucky guy.  

     Here are the photos of the newest addition to the family.  This bike has been ridden quite a few miles already as you see it now.  So keep in mind I am trying to catch up with the blogging.  This bike is sweet and the 105 shifters and derailleurs are working very well.  I had to replace the rim tape after 2 flats in one day.  But since then not really a hiccup other than the stretching of the shifter cables.  But that is common.

 Here is a shot of me building it from the ground up.  Steer tube still needs to be cut, and the bottom, bracket, cranks, and drivetrain are still to be added.
 Using the device to keep the handlebars and front wheel straight really help when wrenching.

 I use the anti-seize on the bottom bracket to aide in removal if/when necessary.

 Drivetrain as it comes together.

 Brakes are looking good.

 Bottom bracket installed, no problems.
 Time to cut the steer tube.

 Action shots!

 Remember to wash your hands after cutting carbon fiber anything!!!

And then there was another!  Very nice bike, I love it and it rides super nice.  It took a week and some tweaking on cables, and seat position, and handlebar angle.  But after than... smooooth.