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New road pedals & shoe changes...

These pedals came with this bike, but I had never used them before.  This should be interesting for sure. Turns out the silver pair of Louis Garneau was the pair my buddy James had set aside.  I ended up with them because he did not put his name on them.  However, I took them back to him and he was happy.  I decided to buy the other Mavic Road shoe that was available, even though I had just busted up the head mechanic about them being women's shoes.  My thoughts now are that women wear men's things, why can't we wear theirs?  Especially if they fit and are SUPER NICE!!!  I bought them and plan to wear them with my next bike.  For now I have decided we are going to ride 4200 miles in the black pair that I got.  Then once we reach this goal through training and racing, we will be buying a whole new road bike.  But we will have to reach this goal of 4200 miles first!  Thoughts?


  1. 4200 miles is a very impressive goal...I'm just now rolling past 1000 after a year on my current ride!


  2. Yep, I have drawn up a training schedule... so we shall see how this goes. I start on July 1 and it is a 6 month training program. Remember, this is road riding also.


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