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New drivetrain vs my new drivetrain

I still have a few changes to make to get my bike back in working order.  So far the effort I have been giving on these projects is to move me over to a 1 X 9 drivetrain.  I really love the look of the bashguard, and I really want to remove the front derailleur also.  I hesitate though, and also regress back to thoughts of putting the 1st cog back on the crankset just to have 2 upfront gears.  But time will tell what works in which terrain.  If I went to a park, I don't know that this will be a good choice.  But I can quick put the other pieces cog 1 & 3 back on to this setup and rollout.  Thoughts?

So I found this article today.  Take a look, I believe it could be a natural evolution of the biking industry... right where I was heading. article - 1 X 11 drivetrain review