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Mountain biking suspension question...

How often do you deflate/recalibrate your air spung shock? How often do you have your shock serviced/rebuilt? How much do you anticipate these services cost you per year? Why do you have it serviced by the shop you have chosen?

I honestly don't adjust my shocks nor hardly ever do I recall calibrating them since the first time I really got on it. This is my fifth year on this bike. However every 1.5 years or so I have been getting the fork serviced. I bet when I get it back, I, adjust it & then leave it until next time. I have never really had any problems with this bike. I really love it. I believe that my service costs $150 & the rear shock would be extra on to of that. They have to send the fork & shock back to Specialized for the service. So right there you lose 2 weeks riding. I have chosen the shop I use because they are my local Specialized dealer. I think $300 per year in maintenance Costs is a feasible amount if you had a lot of bikes & did you're own maintenance.