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Pillowcase/Daypack or Summit pack

Well folks, I have made some more pillowcases.  Here are some pics from what I have been working on.  I am just learning.  Laugh if you would like, my feelings are not hurt easily.  The first 5 photos are from the first black prototype that was made.  Call this Proto A.  Proto A weighed less than 3 oz.
Straps that hold it to the sleeping pad.
Here is Proto A with the Exped Pillow inside and blown up.
As you can see it is bound to the mattress and will not go anywhere at night.
Here is the poor stitching that I goofed around with on Proto A.
Peek inside of the Exped pillow.  Proto B was the second, and very quickly that became the last photo Proto C.  The best so far.
Proto B on the scale weighed in at 3 oz.
Proto C weighed in at 2.4 oz.  I did not weigh the additional cord needed, but I am sure it is no more than .2 of an oz.  If you have interest in this as a product please let me know.  I will be refining them more and more as we go.  Should you have any questions, please let me know.