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Hanging out in North Carolina!!!

I just landed in Asheville, NC tonight.  I was picked up by my cousin and we went to her house for the night.  As I got out of the truck, I quickly realized what it was that made me so fond of North Carolina in the first place.  The sky was clear and the stars were bright... it was amazingly cool and crisp and refreshing.  As I write this I am in the guest house, and I am getting ready to go outside for a while and check out the sky and the surroundings by night.  Since my cousin has a new baby... they are in the other house keeping it quiet.  So... I should have more tomorrow and I cannot wait to remind myself of why I love these mountains.

For those who are not clear... I lived here for 3 years in '97, '98, & '99.  Those were some of the greatest times of my life.  I am really gearing up to see people that I have not seen in 10 years and I plan on trying to make the most of this short time that I have (2 weeks) before hitting the trail on March 1, 2011.

Please check back as I party away for 2 weeks and relive the glory days of young naive fools.

BTW... the pack cover deal worked well.  There were several spots on the outside that were rubbed pretty good and could have potentially caused damage to the pack.  So, I am very glad to have done what I did to keep damage to a minimum.


  1. I am trying to get over the whole shrimp not making it through your digestive system ..... I miss you already! Will you come to visit when your adventure is over??? I looked the blog and can't believe how much you have to do to prepare!

  2. Hey guys! I work at the Starbucks on broadway that you guys posted your cards at! I had no idea you used to be an Ashevillian haha. I went to UNCA and dabbled in the hiking club we had. I'm super excited to read your blog about hiking the AT. I miss those mountains terribly and I'm going to live vicariously through you during your trip! Hope you guys don't mind haha.

  3. @peasandlove - thanks for the support. Are there any cards left over there? We are starting tomorrow... and I just wondered how quickly the cards went, or if they are still there.

  4. there are a few left. not many. i'll double check tomorrow and let you know what i find.

  5. and final update as of last night... no cards left!


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