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Successful food making Party!

I would like to make sure I extend thanks to all those who attended the party and helped make food today.  We started early with Jessica.  We ran to the store and bought some key components that we needed to get things done.

Next we returned to the house and began to arrange things so that making food for lunches and some breakfasts would go smoothly.  Not long after that Marci and Chris showed up.  There help was awesome.  Chris especially was a big help and seemed to catch on easy to the concepts that I was trying to use.  This made things flow easier for me since I knew that those helping were doing a great job.

The last attendant was Emily, a friend of Annette's from her job.  Emily is quick with the math and a big help in calculating the calories.  She had also brought over a table, which helped us to get off the carpeted floor and relieved our knees and backs.

Just saying, thanks to those who helped!!!  Some food making will continue tomorrow, and hopefully we will be done in a week or so.


  1. Wallace & Annette,
    I shall now be following you - if it were only in reality instead of cyberly!! I've not heard of the A.T before but a bit of Googling and I'm pea green with envy! An awesome trip so I am very keen to follow your adventure. (I hope to be off backpacking myself for about a year or so within the next 3-4 months followed by the shipping container build when I get home!) Terry.


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