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Florida Trail - Holiday Vacation Hike

New Movie about "Camino de Santiago"

Gear Sale, Gear Sale, Gear Sale!!!

Live test with Chris!

Live! Live! Live!

Best AT thru hike photo(s) EVER!

Introducing the magnificent Singer Sewing Machine!

Coming attractions and updates

Runways and Niterider lights...

Airplanes and Deer...

Preliminary Weather check from the Parking lot...

Getting ready for a ride...

We have liftoff people!

Forest Fire Video!!!

OMG!!! I totally forgot this interview!

Riding the Ellipti-go

Participating in Siclovia!

End of hike explanation

Hitching around road washouts!

Plaque on the way down

Artsy on Mt. Washington

Cog Railway

Passing through the Presidentials

Space rock

Info @ Madison hut