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Gear Sale, Gear Sale, Gear Sale!!!


Well... the time has come to clean up the gear that I have in our arsenal.  Please view these pictures and if there is something you like, reach out to me.  I will be selling these things in any form or fashion.  Please be aware that not all this gear is UL or SUL or even relevant to some light hikers/backpackers.  But at one time I somehow felt them pertinent.  Some of this gear is over 10 years old.  However, still in great shape you might find yourself a real BARGAIN! We are really getting closer to having the live show also.  Stay tuned and happy Xmas shopping.

Prices are below respective photos.  If you are interested, please reach out to me.  All payments will be through PayPal.  Any price listed can be bargained for.  Please note some items, less than others.

Wallace - Supa Chef

Thermarest 3/4 self inflating mattress I bought in 1998.  I have used this on many trips and to Europe for 7 months in 2007.  I had a few punctures... but I honestly consider myself a thermarest patch expert.  This pad is in total working order and is not that much larger than a large neoair.  This would be a great starter pad for a young person.  Lets start the pricing for this one at $15
This is a Ti Tri Sidewinder Caldera Cone from  The whole kit fits INSIDE the cookpot.  However, this kit is missing 2 titanium stakes that came with it.  I lost them on the AT hike.  This has a round 2 piece base, the cone, the cookpot (1.3 ltr evernew), a 12-10 stove, and the gram cracker kit below with 3 fuel tabs.  I am not sure that I can mail those... but hey I might could try.  This kit will start at $90.  Although that is a KILLER price.  I think there will be no budging on this one.  This was used on the first 30 miles of the AT hike, and then sent home.  We used our Snow Peak 700 cone after that.
Airline Pillow.  Make me an offer?  Buying something else?  This could be yours dirt cheap as an add on.  I just would rather make a deal on certain things and see them "re-used" rather than tossed out or donated.
10 Liter Dromedary bag I got from a guy in Amsterdam.  I traded him my backpack and some $$ for a bike and various items.  I have used this for dirty water, but not much else.  I don't really need 10 liters of water.  However, this thing is tough.  Lets say $10.
Plate, bowl, cutting board thingy.  This is a cheap add on.  If you are interested in something else and want to throw this in to help "re-use", let me know.
Got this from the guy in Amsterdam.  Traded him a bottle half a liter for this full liter bottle.  $5.  Or you can add this on to any other order.  If you have or plan on a white gas stove... this is for you.
Choke Hazard Stove from Tinny @  Classic TINY stove that could easily fit in your mouth.  It is THAT small.  I say $5.
Coleman dual size cookpot set.  I picked this up during my gear obsession phase at Walmart... just because I could hardly help myself that day.  $10.  This is in excellent condition.  Never went on a single hike.
Various odd items.  Water Box thingy, cut down fork, and regular large ended spoon.
This pack is basically BRAND NEW.  Osprey Aether 70 liter pack
Size is Small. Other than the first 30 miles of the AT... this is KILLER condition.  I will let this go for $120.  I have melted the hip paddings 1 time.  So you still have 2 chances left on the heated molding belt.  I would really like to see this pack go to a happy home.
2 raincovers for the pack above.  Speedy and I had the same packs.  So here are 2 covers for the Large size I believe.  $20 each.
Smith Interchangeable lens glasses.  2 pair.  Lenses are brown, light brown, and clear.  They both fit very well in the case in the picture which is a nice strong case.  I will let both pairs go for $30.  Lenses may not be perfect, but hey... you can replace them.  I think the pair on the ground have the most wear and tear.
This is the first stove I ever bought.  As you can see I have taken good care of it in the last 13 years.  This is a great and reliable stove that takes CAMPING GAZ type of bottles.  You can see the bottle below in the pillow picture.  It is blue.  (fuel bottle will not be sent or sold.) $10.
MSR Pocket Rocket perfect condition used less than 5 times on the trail.  $15.  There is also an MSR folding spoon, and a gas can stabilizer, $5 for these both.  My previous verbage indicated that these 3 were together for $15.  But they are sort of separate.  However, if you want all 3, just say it and it will be $20.
Pillows we bought in Amsterdam.  These things are full of expanding foam.  They inflate to nearly ungodly size.  Yet sooooo comfortable and easy to use.  Plus they are strong, I think even stronger than any self expanding thermarest I have ever seen.  $10.
Western Mountaineering Cloudrest Pillow.  Used 1 time.  It did not work for Speedy.  This was her purchase.  I will start $35.
Womens Prolite 3 Regular mattress.  Basically went through Europe on that trip in 2007.  This mattress is in great shape.  However, you might notice patches.  One time in Amsterdam there was a cat.  He would stalk around the campsite for birds and food.  Once I caught him in our tent.  I snuck up behind him to scare the crap out of him.  DUH!  Put its claws right into Speedy's mattress.  However, being quite proficient at sealing leaking holes... I fixed it.  Works flawlessly.  Start @ $25.
Trangia.  2 kinds.  DUOSSAL & HAUL.  The DUOSSAL (Dual Stainless Steel & Aluminum) is a type that they don't make anymore.  Stainless on the inside of the pots and aluminum on the outside.  I took this camping for years.  Plus used it across Europe.  I have even deep fried croquettes from a local grocery in this thing.  Love it... but gotta let it go.  $40.  The other is the HAUL (Hard Anodized Ultra Light) and has only seen 1 camping trip.  This is in awesome condition.  Has a bag and also has a cutting board/strainer thingy.  This one is well worth $65.  Both kits have burners with simmer rings and pot grippers.
Handmade in 1998 by my grandma.  This is a fleece blanket that has a drawstring at the top that she sewed in.  If I get in (and I am 5'9") then my whole head sticks out the top and the draw cord goes around my neck. Make me an offer.
This is a toy I bought for Speedy.  She had it on her desk at work until we went on the trip.  $5 or please make me an offer.  Bendable action figure with backpack, sleeping bag, tent, and skunk.  Plus there is a bendable guy on a mountain bike to be included with this item.  Great for a "soon to be camper" small person.


  1. I will buy the Choke Hazard Stove.

    I sent you a pm on bpl.

  2. I'll take the pocket rocket, spork and stabilizer. Would you do $20 shipping to GA included?

  3. @ulborbust - you are second in line for this at this time. I have given a timeframe to the other potential buyer. So be aware, that I will reach out to you tomorrow if I don't hear back from the other buyer who just got there before you did. BTW... I posted this on So the interest has been crazy.

  4. Okay no prob, just let me know. I didn't see the BPL post I'm assuming because it's in Gear Swap and I'm boycotting. :) But seriously just let me know.

  5. @ulborbust - I have not heard from anyone about this. By 3 I am going to give you dibs. Be on your toes!

  6. It's 11:40pm EST and I'm going to bed but my email is just in case!

  7. Is the Prolite 3 still available?


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