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Video Review - New Thermarest Neoair Trekker sleeping pad

I woke up this morning to a knock on the door.  The UPS man brought me my new Thermarest Neoair Trekker in size regular.  Thermarest is not even showing this item on their website yet.  Probably not until after the beginning of the year.  That is what the buzz on the net is saying.  But I got it at and it was a great price.  $119 for the regular size and that came with a stuff sack.  Sweet.  It is comfortable, quiet, compact, and seems very durable.  I say that because my old neoair the yellow one got several punctures during use in the field.  And there is nothing worse than waking up to a flat or deflating sleeping pad.  So check out this video review:

UPDATE:  I just realized when taking these photos, that my original Neoair in Yellow is a 66" medium and weighs 13 oz.  The new Neoair Trekker is 72" regular and weighs 20 oz.  It also has an R-value of 2.0.


  1. nice, if you want to get rid of your old neoair, I can take it off your hands. I work in a lamination company that has vats of silicon sealant that I can dip it in.

  2. @lilricky - thanks for the suggestion. I will probably return it to REI... being that we start the Appalachian Trail thru-hike in March... I need all the $$ I can scrounge up! ;)

  3. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see that at least Thermarest listened a little bit about people complaining and included a stuff sack. However, I think I would still like to see a repair kit included rather than a stuff kit. If it is the same materials used on the ProLites and such though chances are many people already have those repair kits.
    I like how the bottom of my regular Neo is a little sticky feeling since it keeps the pad from sliding around so much, so is the new one the same way?
    Funny too, you would think the thicker material would help keep the pad warmer. I wonder if it would matter using a mylar sheet as a groundsheet then...

  4. im certainly gonna buy the trekker now, plus yours is blue colored and the ones ive seen advertised are green, so they make 2 colors in the trekker i assume ? green and blue. thanks, good video and review.


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