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New Shimano Ultegra R8000 with GS rear derailleur & 11-34 cassette

If any of you have seen the post about the Tour Das Hugel, I rode the new R8000 groupset with the new 11-34 cassette.  Oh man this is just a terrific groupset and AMAZING gear ratios.  I didn't realize it until my buddy commented, that this is 34 in the front and 34 in the back when you have a compact chain set.

When you have the front chain ring in the 50 tooth big ring, and then in the 34 on the rear cassette, it feels like 34 in the front and 28 in the back.  So in a sense I found myself riding in the big ring up front and staying there, while working through the rear cassette.  Sort of like a 1x drivetrain.  I love that overall setup.

If I had to have 1 setup for a really long time, or if I was setting off into the wild blue yonder for an adventure, I would put 53/34 in the front, which is a combination of standard and compact gears. Then in the rear, 11-34 cassette.  This way you can reach 53/11 for speed, and still a 34/34 for climbing.  What a wide range of gears.  Maybe as I get more into touring later in life, I will go with that.