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Driveway Series week 7 - Squadra Gregario podium champagne bubbly popping shots womens podium

So the race went ok for me and many others.  However, in the final bunch sprint, there was a pretty nasty crash.  I went off into the grass and was very thankful not to get tangled up in that mess.  I did hear that a radical amount of sounds that honestly were wrenching to my mind and heart at the moments of the crash.  I heard that classics dragging, grinding, carbon crunching, and then a large SNAP sound.  I heard that one guy completely broke his fork, while another girl suffered broken fingers and lost a few teeth.  That really makes me sketched out... but if you want to race, take it or leave it.

Here are the shots from the podium where Squadra Gregario sponsors the race and provides the Champagne each week for the whole season.  Thanks Mike for helping make some great moments with the help of our team.  I aim to contribute to the cost of providing this stuff once I see you again at the races.