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Tear down and prep for the new Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset

In preparation of the new Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset, I had to tear down my bike and get it ready for the installation of the new equipment.  Here are some shots after I tore down all the drivetrain, cleaned all the parts in the parts washer at the bike shop.  At this point the frame was clean, greased where needed, and ready to install the new groupset.
I used the product Pedros Bike Lust for the first time ever.  This was an amazing product.  The chief bike mechanic at the shop that I work at gave me a chamois cloth and a bottle of Bike Lust and told me to literally just spray it on the chamois and use that in a 1 pass cleaning option.  I cannot believe how amazing it was.  It only took 1 pass to clean and literally bring the frame back to a very clean shine.  All on 1 towel, and NO WATER needed.  If you know where I live, I am limited on water at the house, and this is now my go to method of cleaning my bike.  I love that method at this point.
Clean bottom bracket and braze on mounting unit
Cleaned the rear triangle and the brake mounting point.
Clean headset cups top and bottom
After cleaning the head tube cups, I re-greased the inside of the cups and the crown race portion of the fork.  Then I placed the bearings back in the cup and the fork before reinstalling to the frame.
In the past I had very sticky and dry barrel adjusters on the down tube for shift adjustments.  This time I removed them, wiped them clean and then greased the threads of the metal liner that fits inside the barrel adjusters.  I hope this makes adjustments in the field more smooth.
Cleaned up the bottle cages, and greased the threads of the bolts, then re-installed.
This is the picture of the old Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset after all parts had been cleaned in the parts washing machine at the shop.