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Remembering a snowy morning on the trail...

I was just reviewing some Youtube vids from my channel when I came to this one.  What a memory to behold.  I would trade any day of work in the world to be on the trail in the snow.  No doubt, that I miss my time hiking out in the woods.  We are heading to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area next weekend... I hope I get my fix soon!


  1. Indeed. There is something to be said about being on the trail that seems to free us from our worries and concerns of this world.

  2. Well said David... soon, I will return to nature. Oh, right, that means this weekend! SCORE!!! Of course a trip report after that will be in store, eh?

  3. Hey, Wallace! Yeah, that's right. I remember seeing the FB post on the upcoming trip. Post some pictures on FB so that I can live vicariously through your expedition! Travis and I are going to head up to HCSNA or GCSNA on Saturday afternoon for a hike. It looks like the weather is going to hold up reasonably well, so it will be a nice weekend to be outside.


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