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Recipes from REI's Camp Cooking for Couples...

I was just thrilled to host/teach the class for camp cooking for couples at the San Antonio, TX REI location. I am posting here a few pics of the recipes that we reviewed during the class.  I could not be happier about the turnout, and the excitement level of the class.  Thanks everyone for showing up and making this a truly successful endeavor!  I truly had a wonderful time just talking about these things to so many new people.

****Any and all views expressed in this article are 100% that of my own and not of REI Corp.  I devised all the opinions and techniques and experiences 100% on my own without help from REI Corp.


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipes! My guys didn't want the weight of the can or foil packets, so I dehydrated the canned chicken. I did a couple cold BBQ chicken wraps with rice and peppers with the dehydrated chicken. All you have to do is mid morning or a couple of hours before you want to have a meal, add cold water to the resealable bag. The bag contained dehydrated BBQ sauce, chicken, minute rice (brown), onions, peppers and spice.

  2. Thanks for posting the recipes. We could not not make it to the presentation and so it is nice having these available. We will be trying out a couple of these at our next camping trip to GCSNA.

  3. Thank you for posting these. The class was very informative and we enjoyed the presentation. I left inspired! We have already tried the oatmeal recipe at home and have plans to use this cooking method for an extended road trip in addition to hiking/camping in the future. Hope you get to do more of these classes in the future.


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