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Baking experiment

Last night I gathered all my knowledge about baking. I have done MANY experiments. I have watched many YouTube videos. But this time I wanted to try again at some dry baking. Here are a free photos of how things went.

This is using a 12 cm IMUSA cookpot, and a custom smaller pot that I got off the internet.  I cannot remember the name of the maker at this time.  But if someone wanted to know, I could research it.

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Edit: I changed to the original high-res photos


  1. Great job! And hey, "Fat Daddio's" makes a variety of sizes aluminum baking pans that will work in even the mug style cook pots like your 12 cm IMUSA pot...

  2. Thanks Stick. I will keep that in mind. Here is a link to anyone out there who might be interested...


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