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Broken Bike... what a bummer!

Well... I went for a ride the other day and guess what... about 11 miles out on a 21 mile out and back ride... my bottom bracket stripped out.  I was able to ride out the rest of it luckily.  But here is where we are at now.  I have no bicycle and the training program starts tomorrow.  So I will need to complete my miles on another bike in the mean time.  But what are we going to do about me not having a road bike to train on so that I can achieve my goal of mileage and the new TT goal that I have set for myself.  Well... I have the answer to that as well.  Stay tuned...  and you to can know the answer.
 You can see the cup on this side of the bottom bracket, just lost threading.
 The threads on the inside of the frame are clearly damaged.
You can see here, the threads on the cup to the bottom bracket are just gone.  Notice that in the second picture the flat part of the frame is painted.  That should be flush with the cups on the bottom bracket.  We are confused if it was taken off, painted, and the put back on?  Or what?  I have called the person who did the paint job, and I have informed of the issues at hand at this time.  However, I cannot personally be sure of any repayment at this time.  So now I have all the parts for a bike, but not frame.  I even have a replacement bottom bracket ALREADY!!!  Let's see what we can come up with for an answer.

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this last photo is for reference purposes: