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Equipment upgrade - new long travel shock

It is finally time to get Annette up to speed on the equipment department of her mountain bike.  I went to the shop today and installed a new long travel, 150mm, Manitou Nixon Elite shock for Annette.  I washed all the parts of the drivetrain, and have a few more things to get done.  But here are some shots of the bike with the new shock on it.  She will now have a disc brake up front, and a fully adjustable shock.  The fork allows travel to be adjusted from 115 to 150mm.  As well, it has compression and rebound adjustments also.  This is a fork that I used to ride through Europe in 2007.  So really, it was just a re-use of a great fork that I had already!  Cannot wait to get out there and show her how to tear it up!
 This is the old shock.  It is a 100mm Rock Shox J3.  It had lockout and preload adjustment.  But we needed to get away from the linear pull brakes also.  We will be equipping her bike with rear disc also, the rim and disc are just at the Ecodale homestead.
 Here is the shock at 150mm extended view.
 New clean drivetrain... ran out of time since the shop closes at 6 today.  I will pick up this week and finish out the new handlegrips, and cables, as well as the brake situation.
Sweet Ride!!!