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Crank swap and Bottom Bracket change FINISHED!

Yesterday I decided to spend some time at the shop working on the crank/bottom bracket swap for the Specizalized Enduro 2007.  The bike had a Truvativ Style GXP BB/crankset.  However, I had bought a XC RaceFace X-type BB/crankset.  So here are the results of the swap.  The RaceFace bash guard looks AMAZING on the bike now.

 Here is a meeting of the parts...
 Here we have the bike on the ground, and we are removing the GXP bottom bracket.

 Here the GXP bottom bracket is removed.
 Nice and clean!
 The GXP bottom bracket is the silver one, while the black bottom bracket is the X-type by RaceFace.
 Notice the GXP is a clear center... Which the X-type is a black center tube... they are both plastic with o-rings on each end.
 Another shot of all the parts needed to swap, present and ready for a photo opportunity.
 I was informed to use this to keep the bottom bracket from seizing during the next removal process.
 It is very copper in color, and also very thick!
I just applied the anti-seize lube to the threads on the inside.
 Almost done with the installation of the new X-type bottom bracket.
 Looks like this Truvativ Stylo GXP crankset/bottom bracket really got some use in the last 5 years, eh?
 Here, the 9r frame is getting smaller and smaller... good, hopefully I will sell it on Craigslist.
 Bash guard side...
This looks really good, at least IMHO!!!