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Renewed!!! Washing and lofting Down equipment

After we got back, we have not used our camping equipment except for once at our land.  So, since we are heading out on a camping trip this weekend, we decided that we should clean this stuff up.  They were not that dirty, but we concluded that they needed to be washed after the 1500 miles on the trip.  We washed our 4 sleeping bags, and our 2 MontBell Ultra Light Down Parkas.  In case anyone did not know, we lost the MontBell down pants in the mail at some point.  Plus the MontBell Alpine Light jackets, were not even close to dirty.

With that said, we used a Down specific soap, and used front loading laundromat washing machines.  Annette stated that she used the low heat setting to dry them.  She told me that she ran the machines for almost 2 hours, just to make sure.  She had bought a 3 pack of tennis balls, and continually opened the dryers to fluff and restore the loft to the down.

After seeing these results, I definitely recommend this type of cleaning service to restore the loft and clean the sleeping bag to ANYONE.  I hope the pictures show that the jackets appear to have done VERY well.  The sleeping bags did the same also.  But to me it is easy to see the results in the jackets.


  1. Impressive collection. :) I've had the same experience - Washing down items always seems to restore them to new or close to new condition. Sorry to hear about the lost mail, any idea what happened?



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