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Baking a cake...

As some of you might recall, there was a hiker named Risk, and when we ran into her it was her birthday.  This was in July 27, 2011.  When she said that she was going to bake a cake, I was like, "Whoa, can I help?"  Immediately I knew that I was going to use the One Egg Wonder to make it.  Which ended up being a 3 tiered cake, and she even got sprinkles.  This weekend we were with a friend and her boys at a boy scout camping trip, and we made pancakes.  The pancakes looked very very similar to the layers of cake that we made for Risk.  Which, is why I decided to repost this video and some pictures.  The video is of the cake when we were basically finished, and Risk is icing the cake.  Check out the following pics also.  2 pics of the cake and of Risk, then a few of the pancakes that I made yesterday morning at McKinney Falls State Park, outside of Austin, TX.  Good times!

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Here are the pancake pics:

Next up is the post of our visit to the park with the boy scouts.  Were were honored guests and even got to speak to the scouts about hiking safety.  Check back in for that shortly!


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