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Tossing around the idea of fasting...

As stated in the previous post, I want to open the idea of fasting.  I am searching the net and finding so many resources on this subject.  One that I found super easy to read, came from Marks Daily Apple.  Please take a few minutes to read this and maybe it will help in the pursuit of a permanent life long solution to diet and exercise.    I am looking for a new way to live, not a fad to follow for a month.  Nothing in my lifetime has rung a bell like fasting.  It makes such sense and the science is totally there to back things up.  The only problem?  Doubters.  People who think that the logic says, "If you are hungry, then you should definitely eat."  More often than not, over eat.  If there is one weakness from being out on the trail for months at a time, it is food.

Please do not take any of my posts out of context and DO NOT expect that I am going to stop eating for a week, or longer without ramping up SLOWLY, and with complete caution.  As stated by Steve Hendricks, he basically says fasting is like working out.  And he tells you that if you have not worked out in a while, that it might hurt a bit to get started again.  This I believe to be 100% true.  So please, take caution and a really hard look before starting something as drastic as changing your diet or intake of food.

Why Fast? Part 1 – Weight Loss

Would love to hear any comments that any readers have.