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Osprey Packs clinic @ Performance Bike shop

Last night was a really great time.  I work at Performance Bike San Antonio on a part time basis.  So when I was asked to visit for a clinic for Osprey's new line of cycling hydration packs, I jumped on it.  I mean, I got paid to learn about Osprey gear, then they brought in pizza, and lastly we had a quiz and won some AWESOME gear to boot!!!  Patrick from Osprey was such an awesome guy and he showed us all the INs and OUTs of the new gear.  Osprey really leads the way in innovative technology, and I am thoroughly impressed with the new ideas that they have shown me.  First I will show you the best gear I got, which was a reservoir.  A few were left, and I asked if I could use one to test out the key features that really make this reservoir awesome. Here is a pic I took of the 2L/70oz reservoir; and they key features listed on their website.
Hydration Reservoir

Available for seperate purchase is our 2L/70 oz. HydraForm™ Reservoir
  • Built to pharmaceutical biocompatibility specifications to assure taste and odor free hydration
  • Contains AquaGuard™ anti-microbial formula to prevent bacteria and mold
  • BPA and PVC free
     The next few items, we won in a question and answer session that was well worth paying attention when Patrick was talking.  I won 2 pair of socks, a TOOL bag (which I absolutely dig!), lip balm/cycling salve, and an awesome HAT!

Here is the tool kit, with my multi-tool, 3 CO2 cartridges, 3 tire levers, 2 SRAM chain masterlinks, and the tube of course, won't fit in there, but goes along with this kit.
 A great time was had by all the attendees, and I really want to say thanks to Osprey for being so AWESOME!


  1. Those are some nice grabs, especially the Osprey trucker hat! :) Let me know if the hydration reservoir's AquaGuard anti-microbial formula lives up to expectations.



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