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Expanding coverage topics and discussions

     It has recently occured to me that various subjects about diet, exercise, and overall health are becoming pertinent to my life.  I wonder if they have relevance to your life.  I also know that there are so many articles and websites out there, it is impossible to see things from all sides.  With that said, I am posting this short bit because I am going to make posts that relate to what I am thinking & doing in relevance to the previously stated diet, exercise, and overall health.  All in all, my goal is to open the dialogue to the subjects, and then extrapolate them into a usable tranference to hiking and biking.  All the while, trying to improve on everyday living.

     Since returning from the trail I have spent a lot of time thinking about the life I live and how I go about doing that.  Why I make choices and re-analyzing the choices that I have made in the past.  This introspection has brought so many subjects to the forefront, that I feel the only way to clearly determine what works best for me, is to communicate and share with others facing these same issues.  By far my biggest motivator is my cousin Chris.  He holds such high standards for himself, that it begs the lesser standards of others.  It really makes you assess whether or not you can live without, or live within, any given specific subject.  For example, driving a vehicle is a perfect comparison.  I drove to Dallas (for work) this week, and it is 290 miles from San Antonio.  I drove @ 55 mph for nearly 6 hours.  However, I reached a personal record for gas mileage in my new hybrid.  For that trip I reached an average of 84 miles to the gallon.  What this example brings to the table is the idea of self control.  Like my cousin Chris, who exerts amazing self control over food, I did the same with the speed limit.  The transference here, is a simple mental reprogramming to achieve undeniably AMAZING results.  What if this applied to exercise, or overall health.  Once this example is taken into consideration, this easily translates to the subject that we are going to first start exploring, FASTing.  The idea of not eating has never entered my frame of mind until this week.  I heard a gentlemen get interviewed on NPR, and he had written an article about fasting.  I cannot view this article, as I do not subscribe to Harper's magazine.  However, I can bring this to the web, and see what we can all collaborate on within this subject.  Not to many people are commenting on my page or the things that I have posted.  Maybe because what I have previously posted may not warrant comments; and that is fine.  But I would like to see more involvement.  Especially with those who are interested in expanding their horizons.

    So in line with saving the in-depth subject matter for the articles themselves, let's wrap up this bulletin and start thinking of things that could be reviewed.  Not just gear, but rather various subjects that relate to real savings in life and in your wallet.  As always, thank you for stopping and taking the time to read.  Please feel free to leave any relevant comments, or discussions you think might be relevant.


  1. I listened to an interview with Steve Hendricks last night. I think this idea is very much in line with our current values. It's basically the practice of doing without for a short time and really appreciating food when you have it again. I think hiking does the same thing. It's practice of doing with less and then when you get home you really appreciate hot showers and running water :)

  2. I think this new content will be great. I love following your blog and right now I'm at the same point in my life deciding What's really important. And what I can do without and what new things I love because of it.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Jennifer,

    Your words help to solidify our plans, and motivate for the future. Please stay tuned and involved. I want us all to evolve to bigger, better, and more intelligent for the collaboration.


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