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1st Generation of stuff sacks made!

I have admitted that I am testing out my skills as a sewing artist.  So here is the lastest and 1st generation of stuff sacks that I have made.  This came out pretty nice.  Short of deciding on key factors about design before we go into production, this is going to end up great!  Such a fun experience within itself.  I feel that I am very creative in my thinking, just digging it.

 In this picture from the bottom of the stuff sack, you can see marker patterns, and the sleeve where you put your fingers to pull things OUT of the stuff sack.  Since it was my first time, I just used a marker.
 Better shot of the finger sleeve.
 Top of the stuff sack with cordage laced through the top.
Inside is my 12 oz Medium MontBell Alpine Light Down Jacket.  The stuff sack feels nice and strong.



  1. The finger sleeve is a great feature. What's the material that was used?

  2. I have no idea. It is generic and I got it for about $1.50 per yard at the local fabric store. Nylon of some kind. Nothing special, just cheap material to work with... for now. ;)


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