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New Saywer Squeeze Water filtration system has arrived!

I have received the water filtration system in the mail.  Since I am part of a buying club for sporting equipment, I got this unit for $29.99.  Not bad for a 3 oz water filtration system.  I plan on getting it out of the box and getting some data on it as soon as I can.  Stay tuned!  I got one of these also for my cousin Chris.  So I will be sending that off to him to test out as well.
It came with a 64 oz, 32 oz, and 16 oz bag for holding water.  Based on my previous usage of water along the Appalachian Trail, I never carried more than 2 liters or 64 oz of water.  For this kit, I can hold up to 3.5 liters or 112 oz total.  This is plenty of water storage at this time.  I wondered if it would fit onto a conventional water bottle.  I heard the threads were slightly different.  Lets take a look here.  Here is a shot of the Smartwater bottle that I happen to have around.
 These caps are identical.  You can see the matching patterns if you look closely.  More importantly it appears that on the box it states, "Screws onto most drinking bottles to allow you to drink directly from the filter's pop-up cap."  So I would assume it basically fits any and all water bottles that are made within any standard bottle cap, shape, size and thread pattern.

Plus it comes with the 60 cc syringe also.  I plan to always have this on me in the field, just in case.