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Florida Trail - Oh the joys of Sugar sand!

Just wanted to take a few minutes and post some of the footage/photos that were collected during our Holiday jaunt on the Florida Trail.  This was such a great and memorable trip.  Even though it was short and sweet.  I finally learned that there is hope for a light at the end of the tunnel for our family in terms of backpackers.  So far no one else in the family has even really shown any interest in the sport other than those trying to understand WHY THE HECK anyone would want to go camping.  Speedy and I have stayed the course though.  We see it clear and know why we camp every moment we are able.  There is no "Why do I go camping?" at all!  Nature within itself is more amazing than anything Disney could ever hold!  And while I fully understand this... others are not quite sure... and cannot let the security blanket go yet.

We walked a little bit and decided we would have some lunch.  Quick and easy, we all made FBC lunches.  These were left over from the AT hike.  They were delicious and we appreciated Chris's enjoyment and enthusiasm over our entrees.

Now here is Chris.  I just have to say that Chris is pretty much my "look up to" kind of guy these days.  Family within itself can be tough to deal with.  But when you know that you will have this best friend on the inside... and you are for sure going to have a great time during the holidays, everything changes.  Speedy and myself had just the best time hanging out with Chris.  He believes in us and listens to what we have to say about hiking and equipment and various other personal interests.  This was a real treat to spend our time this way.  Chris is an awesome guy!

We finally arrived at Juniper Springs and got ourselves a campsite for the night.  Speedy grabbed a shower and Chris and I got a few things ready and put up tents.  By the time we got dinner together it was dark and we had a stick fire.  We kept it small and ran it up to the point that we all went off to sleep.  It was cold.  If I recall right, it was supposed to get down near 39 degrees F.  I slept ok, but I could surely feel that cold outside my sleeping bag everytime that I rolled over.

What is that evil look for Chris?  Probably forecasting to the next morning.  So here is a video of Chris and his newly learned lessons on turning your back to the water filter.  Gravity yes, Easy yes, can it fall over???  YES!

"Is that the parking lot?"  Kidding... we had a great time.  Please stay tuned for more trip reports from Hike, Bike, Dale!