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Awesome or OVER-engineering???

I just stumbled upon this article today.  It described this new headlamp from Petzl.  So I searched Youtube for a video of it.  Here is what I found.  Does anyone think this is good?  Or just an opportunity for problems to occur?  What types of headlamps and lumens are you familiar with?  I use a Petzl now, the Tikka XP2 I believe.

What do you think of this lamp?


  1. I'm not too sure about this. I would rather adjust it myself and have an option for a red lens.Thanks for posting.

  2. I totally see what you are saying. Having a red light now... is nice, really nice when in shelters.

    But I usually sleep inside my bag anyways, so could be worse.

    My cheer is that amount of light. I have spent a lot of money on lights, please check the lights I have on my other youtube video that I posted the end of last year. I went to a mtn bike trail and did a night ride. Those lights were over $500 combined. So the price seems close... but the lumens seems too high IMHO.

    But like I said, I will get one because I want it, not necessarily based on weight.


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