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Just wanted to tell everyone...

Speedy G and myself are working hard to stay in this game everyday.  I have the list of questions... so PLEASE understand that I am trying to find time to get to those things.  I almost feel like being OFF the trail will have much more time to allow me to work on these things from a PC.  But I am trying my best.  I will surely address those questions this week and hopefully in a few days when I get to the next town I will keep uploading.

As for questions... some folks have asked time sensitive questions, like "Which one should I buy?  What do you recommend?"  The problem here is my delay and for that I apologize.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who tunes in... and once again thanks for your support.

Supa Chef & Speedy Gonzalez!


  1. I've been following your blog with interest. I especially liked your pre-hike prep videos. Are you going to be in the Lincoln, NH area this weekend?

  2. Enjoy your hike! We have been enjoying following along and hope you guys are making awesome memories!

  3. LEAH... I need you to get me some email with contact info! It is my username @ yahoo. We are in town in Rangeley, ME.


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