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Pack Weight....

As we get closer to D-Day, or leaving for trail day, my wife and I are really looking over the choices that we have made about gear.  We are sitting in a hotel room outside of the Austin Airport in Texas... and we are cutting things out... quickly.  Without a day on the trail... what is it that is causing us to cut out items we have chosen at this time?

First what we did to measure our overall pack weight... we went down to the fitness room and brought our packs.  We got on the scale without our packs and established baseline weight.  Then we put the packs on and measured ourselves again.  The results were pretty shocking to us.  I weighed in at 27 lbs, and she weighed in at 24 lbs.  Now, lets look at what caused this to happen.  We had packed many things that were unnecessary and would never even have made it to the trail.  When moving out this weekend and trying to gather anything and everything that we might need... we were CRAZY in the head... we put too many things in the pack.  However, there were plenty of things we thought we could also live without.

We leave on planes tomorrow and have about 2 more weeks before hitting the trail.  There will be some movies in the next few days that showcase what has been decided and why it was decided... even before hitting the trail.

Be back soon...