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Coffee & Drinks for the Appalachian Trail

I was sorting some of the consumables for the Appalachian Trail thru-hike, and I had to stop and take a breath.  I have made up a quick video of what I was doing, and what my thoughts were at this point.  I needed to slow down and realize that this is not a competition.  Geez... trying to break free from the GO GO GO attitude we are used to in life... is sometimes difficult.


  1. I just checked out your Motorola phone entry - I may have missed you mentioning it but how do you intend keeping it charged? Do you have a solar charger or a hand-crank version?

  2. @TC - I have tried several things. But in the end I am going for the best result from my testing. I first tried the Brunton Inspire USB rechargeable battery. I tested and tested and could only get 1.15 to 1.25 charges out of a 4 hour charge on the Inspire. I felt that this was a poor turn around. Then I tried the AA charger from Energizer. I tested it with lithium batteries and got about 1.15 full charges and those were dead. So I replaced them with alkaline... YEP... that was a complete failure. I bet even 8 AA alkalines would not have fully charged my phone.

    So I then changed over to the XPAL/Energizer XP4001 USB battery charger. This gives me 2 full charges out of a full 4 hour charge. I have tested it several times, and it keeps up each time replenishing the battery twice.

    If I turn off the GSM radio, as well as Wifi, bluetooth and the screen brightness down... I can make the battery easily last a week. Then I can use the 2 recharges to go 3 weeks, IMHO... But stay tuned as I see what I can do.

    Keep in mind... anytime I have access to a socket, I am going to make use of it. I intend of bringing the USB socket to USB converter and the USB cable. In fact... I will make a video tomorrow and post it showing what my plans are.

    Thanks for asking TC. I needed that to keep perspective. I have had so much crap going on... that I am losing track of what I have done, and what I have not. ;)

  3. @TC - sorry I meant to say that I am bringing a 110v socket to USB converter that I can use my USB cable on. The battery is just a backup. I am rereading it and it sounded kind of goofy. Plus it is late, and I am still packing my house to move out this week. So I am a bit tired/confused. ;)

  4. @TC - just posted that new video review of my charging options for the trail. You might find this highly useful!


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