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Closing in on our trail date...

I know that some people have followed us recently, and some for a while.  I want to start by saying that your support is totally awesome, and inspiring.  The last week has been quite stressful, but quite amazing as well.  We have had quite a bit of good times, and quite the number of issues as well.  Let me see if I can break down what the issues have been.

The biggest issue was getting our first box of food.  I had suggested that we provide cash in hand to cover the expenses that would be incurred by mailing our food.  However, my wife determined that we should open a USPS account online and save our credit card information.  She figured that this would streamline things.  Only problems have arisen from this issue, and we have resulted in providing cash to pay for the drop boxes that are being mailed PRIORITY FLAT RATE SHIPPING.  The idea to do things online was awesome, and a great idea.  But in the idea of problem free simplicity... not so much.  Problems have arisen when using the wrong browser... and other dumb issues, that I recommend you bypass by using cash.

Another issue we had was getting a ride from Asheville, NC to the trailhead.  In short, we looked on the internet and found that we could take a Greyhound bus to Gainesville, GA.  Then we would be picked up by Hiker Hostel.  They would keep us overnight, and then take us right to the trailhead to start our hike.  This was the perfect situation, and we are taking advantage of this for sure.

There are so many things that need to be said...  I have been pretty slack with getting them up on the blog here.  I will work hard to get some updates before we leave for the trail.  Thanks again for all that have supported us... and more will follow soon.

Remember... we leave on the trail March 1st!!!


  1. Think of it this way, all of the problems you have run into (and any hurdles you will face on the trail) are a huge part of why the average person would not even think about attempting such a grand adventure. The fact that you guys face things head on, find a solution, and continue to look forward with excitement is what makes you so special and amazing. Nothing but admiration and support for you both!

  2. Best of luck - looking forward to following the adventure.

  3. you guys be careful, have fun, I will be living theu you....

  4. @Everyone - thanks for the support... today it is our last day before leaving. It just began a crazy raining downpour. GREAT!!! This ought to be interesting.


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