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Waterproof Android Telephone - Motorola Defy

I recently went out on a limb and purchased a phone from the T-mobile store because I thought that it would fit my needs on the trail.  I am with AT&T so I had to do a few things, jump through a couple hoops, but after 60 days of ownership, $10 balance on the prepaid, and telling them I am leaving the country... they unlocked my phone for me by giving me the code.  The unlocked 3G sim code allows me to work with AT&T now and the phone is working well.  Let me show you a quick overview of it and why I chose it.  If you have any questions, please just let us know.  This phone will act as a few things.  First it will be our camera.  At 5 megapixels it takes pretty decent photos.  It also does video pretty well... and I think that is going to be my choice for recording instead of journaling.


  1. So a couple questions since I am new to this. Have you tried all of these recipes before? Have you determined your own ingredients lists or do most of these items come from information you have gathered? Are the Twinkies (and other sweets) for sugar or just for something different? Also, will there be any locations along the trail where you will eat out or will you only use the food you carry?

    Phone looks cool too, I think it will work great.

  2. @Chris - it is funny you say that. I had eaten these foods at work for months now... trying stuff, testing out recipes. People would come by my desk and see a plethora of dried food in small bags and say "What the hell is that?" I tested and tested... so I have a good idea of proportions. However, most of the things we are coming up with are relatively new. If they are new, we are testing them in the kitchen for proportions and taste. It is really a giant experiment. The one that I am liking is the 1/4 cup broccoli cheddar soup, 1/2 cup rice, veggies, and meat if you have it... is amazing. You just use the cozy that I made and leave the freezer bag inside the cozy for about 10 minutes, and it is cooked. After you are done, there are not even any dishes. Twinkies and snacks are factored into our desserts. Making certain meals out of wholesome ingredients can become difficult without fat and sugar. So just adding on some of these is the easy way to pump up a meal. Olive oil also. We plan on eating at places along the trail and hope to indulge when we can, but not a lot. Just to make sure we keep it real kind of thing. These drop boxes are going to be 7 days of food. So if we spend 5 days on the trail and go to town... we would theoretically have 2 days of food left when we pick up our next package. This is good for $$$ and time spent shopping, but bad for weight to be carrying extra lbs. However, our food is incredibly light IMO. I cannot wait to see how our overall 1 week weights average out. Overall, we are trying to mix it up. I hear people get sick of certain foods if they eat them too much. We have spread a LOT of recipes out over the trail. :D

  3. Cool, thanks for the info. I didn't even think about taking them to work, haha. The food looks really good. I plan to get back into camping this spring, not sure why I ever stopped. I had such fun as a kid. I guess life these days has ways of pulling you away from nature and grabs a hold of you. Its time for me to get back to nature. If I want to save it I should probably get to know it better. I know you are very busy but if you can share recipes and food ideas they would be appreciated. Might give me a head start this spring. BTW, my calendar is free for trail days in VA, so we will see if I can make it, work permitting. Do you guys plan on being there for that?

  4. We are most certainly hoping to make it there for that event. I would even catch a ride there and go BACK to where I was if I cannot make it. or vice versa if I pass it early. I would like to party there.


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