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OH F.U.D.!!

When Wallace frequently mentions "we" went writing this blog he is referring to me, his wife, Annette. I thought I'd finally chip in and give my two cents about the female side of preparation for this great adventure. One thing in particular that I would like to discuss that has revolutionized my outdoor experience is the female urinary device. I know it does not sound very sexy; the F.U.D. However this little baby is incredible to me. I first discovered this genius piece of equipment, during Wallace and I's first adventure, a 7 month backpacking trip through Western Europe. While camping in Holland for about 2 months we experienced a lot of the typical weather of the Netherlands extreme cold and lots of rain. When nature called in the middle of the night; I'd have to put on all my rain gear and brave the crappy weather on my trek towards the john; now wide awake from the cold. That is until I happened upon these disposable paper cones shaped to fit the female anatomy at the camping store in Amsterdam.

After finding the Urinelle I could just roll out of the sleeping bag, barely undress and use the cone to direct the pee into a small plastic water bottle while half asleep. Before I knew it I'd be back in my warm sleeping bag fast asleep.
The Urinelles were not ideal simply for the amount of trash they would make so when we moved back to the U.S. I jumped at the chance to get a Freshette.

I take the Freshette on all our hiking trips. I am sure the gram weenies would argue that you could due without it, just pop a squat behind a bush. However, I know I've made the right decision for me because I am never worried that the leaves that brushed my bottom are poison oak because I can go fully clothed and standing upright. I don't have to take my backpack off everytime I have to go and when the weather is bad I never have to venture from my tent at night. Also if ever an unsuspecting hiker should happen upon the spot I have chosen for an outdoor commode, I'll never be caught with my pants around my ankles. All reasons why I'd never attempt the A.T. without it.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who would appreciate similar benefits.


  1. Great invention - if I didn't happen to have a permanently attached one then I'd definitely want one! Many people don't realise the necessity of such things when trekking. That's why, as a male, I always carry an empty gatorade bottle!
    (One question - do women secretly check out the size and shape of each others Freshettes when in use?!!!)

    1. @TC - I just was looking over the stats, and I saw 2 people read this today. So I thought I would re-read it myself. It is so funny, on the Guadalupe trip you see posted a few days ago, we forgot our Gatorade 32 oz bottle. We were slightly disappointed especially when the sand storm was going all night. However, we are going to do some camping this weekend also... I hope we don't forget this time! ;) Oh and girls dont have complexes about other girls freshette's! It's a dude thing. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for this review!! I know that many women do hike and backpack but for some reason I just have not seen a lot online about this very basic and ever present issue for women. I have been worrying over this for months. I personally have a fear of not squatting as well as I thought I had and find myself in need of a change of clothes and not having one or getting my essential insulation layer wet in the underbrush and being cold. This little miracle will such a weight off my mind!

  3. I am a cross-country motorcyclist. My lot in life is climbing on my bike and going where ever the wind takes me. I never use highways, only back roads. There is no better way to see the country (let's face it, all you see on highways is motels, truck stops and tourist traps. The "road less traveled" is the way to see the real America.) That said, there's nothing more un-nerving then squatting in the woods, pants around your ankles and hearing banjos playing off in the distance ;-)
    GPS's are also notorious for routing you through some of the "best" neighborhoods. There's Not a single convenience store or gas station I'd want to stop at along said route for fear of getting gang raped.
    I need one of these for the bike!! It would be a lot easier in the back hills when hearing banjos to do my business and get back on the bike quickly; -)
    Thanks for your review


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