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Monkey MYOG Pillow Case (Make Your Own Gear) & Instaflator overview

I just wanted to post a video of the sewing that I did over the weekend.  I made 2 of these, one for me and one for Annette.  We have chose different pillows thought.  I chose to the use the air based Cocoon Hyperlight Air Core 2.4 oz pillow.  Annette chooses the Western Mountaineering 5 oz Down pillow.

I also showcase the Instaflator that I bought and how it works with my air mattress.  It might take 2 breaths, but at least I am not going to be light headed!!!


  1. Very cool idea with the pillows. I may have to make something like that. Thanks for sharing. I may try using a single piece of material with the elastic straps on it and let it hold the pillow down rather than making a pouch for it to go in...nice multi use idea to though as a day pack. Although you may want to use some sort of material that will not soak up any water, just in case...


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