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Making Trail Food - Chicken Tortilla Soup

I just wanted to take a few minutes to compose a video showing how we make one of our meals.  Food seems to be the top choice amongst folks' questions.  How did you make it?  What did you use.  I am going to show you a video now of some of the tactics and materials needed to make trail meals; the soup type.  Today we are going to make chicken tortilla soup.


1/2 cup of rice = 200 calories
1/4 cup of soup mix = 90 calories
1 tbsp of onions = 20 calories
1 tbsp of bell peppers = 5 calories
2 tbsp of freeze dried chicken = 30 calories
1 tbsp of powdered butter = 51 calories
= = = = = = = = = = = =
Package total of 396 calories
If you added a tortilla = roughly 150 calories (or more)
1 tbsp of Olive Oil = 120 calories
- - - - - - - - - - - -
This meal can go up to about 670 calories.  Pretty impressive actually.


  1. Sweet man, thanks for doing this one. It all is making a little more sense. Definitely going to look into the bulk isle a little more now. So are the tortillas being shipped in the boxes too or are you picking those up? Don't they go bad or did you find some dried ones? And I assume you guys are getting the olive oil at the beginning of each week right? Either way it looks quite good and doesn't look like you will be suffering on food.

  2. Thanks. Honestly I did this because you kind of nudged me towards the example video. I have found MRE tortillas on website. But they are big $$$. Usually buying them from the store can give you about a month's life. So we will just rely on them to be put into the box or buy them at a store along the way. Our mail drops are going to be priority and so that will be like 3 days max for them to arrive. I hope that this system works. Olive oil? Yep going to buy that in town. I am sure that it will be everywhere. Do you ever calculate how much energy is in an 8 oz bottle of Olive oil? Get this...

    8 oz = 33 servings @ 120 per 15g tbsp. Making each 8 oz bottle carry 3960 calories. DUDE!!! that is big time. I might shoot this stuff before every meal!

  3. Yeah I know about olive oil. I read an article on a bodybuilding website that said to do shots of it to get extra calories. I tried that a few times and it is tough to get down by itself. But mixing it into your meals should make it a lot more bearable and like you said it is easy energy.


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