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Video Review - TarpTent Double Rainbow

Just processed this video review.  Feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments:


  1. Hello, as I am planning to buy a Double Rainbow, I have a simple question... is it completely "bug-proof"? Any change for bugs and other crawlers to come inside? :)

    looking forward for your answer,

  2. @ nusi81 - it is just like a tent. The body and the netting are stitched together. There is no way, unless the tent itself was compromised... as in physical damage, that anything will be getting in... even ants. It is a very nice tent, I just have 2 people going on the Appalachian Trail... and needed more room.

  3. OK, thank you for the answer, I just read on an older post that it might come with some small fabric issues (
    I've been using a Husky Falcon 2 (heavier, but roomier) for the past 3 years and it never let me down during rain storms.
    But I need a change - I am switching to "light-backpacking" :)

    all the best,


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