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Topic Discussion - Sleeping bag/system

With such a broad range of sleeping bags and the qualities that they bring to the table, it is a difficult choice.  Especially with so many quality manufacturers.  Although I am sure that they come from China, except for a few made in the USA.  However, lets get to the categories and what choice I made, and why I made it.

Insulation is something that one has to choose:

Synthetic Insulation vs Goose Down Insulation = = = > Click HERE for a GUIDE!

Once you have chosen the type of insulation that works for you, next you will need to decide on shape.  Three general shapes that I know of are:

Quilt type

Open top type

Mummy type

We chose the Montbell Super stretch down hugger #3 bag for our Appalachian Trail Thru-hike.

  1. 30 degree rated bag
  2. Mummy Style which works best for us and our system
  3. Stitching is all made from a stretchable material that allows the bag to move WITH you as you move at night; helping to eliminate cold spots that normal bags would create.  This means that since the bag does not stay close to your body... air is pulled into the cavity through the mummy opening which brings in chilled air.  You can see it in the example photo below
  4. Lastly, should you need to you can close off the footbox with an adjustment shortening the bag and allowing you to have less space to heat and more insulation at the foot end of the bag.