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Topic Discussion - Backpack

How you carry the things you take along is a huge choice these days.  There are so many varied types of setups and so many criteria that help you decide what category you fall into with what you choose to take along.  I have chosen my pack because it is what I consider a "cadillac" pack.  Meaning it maximizes the comfort for the weight that I will be carrying.

My current expectation is to carry between 15 and 20 lbs of base weigh, but that will be determined in the end before I leave.  It is hard to say at this point.  However that 5 lb spread should leave me in a safe zone.  My plan for food is to carry 10 to 15 lbs of food depending on what the situation is looking like.  In order to put things into perspective one probably wants to count about 2 lbs per person per day, just in food.  So that would be 10 lbs for 5 days and 14 lbs for 7 days.  If you add together a base weight of 20 lbs, then food and water about 15 to 16 lbs, you end up with quite a load.  36 lbs is a lot of weight to be carrying.  Hopefully in the end that will not be the case.  The way I have researched this weight choice is by assessing a percentage of my body's weight.  They say newbies should never go above 20% of their own body weight.  I would consider myself an intermediate and I plan on never exceeding 25%.  Currently weighing in at 155 lbs x 25% = 38.75 lbs.  So 36 is just under, and that is my worst end all be all #.  I hope to roll out with 15 lbs or less base, and 10 lbs food, and 2 lbs of water.  That totals up at the beginning of the week at 27 lbs; by weeks end should be somewhere near 17-18 lbs.  As we go through all the items in the list, we will weigh them and see how everything fits into the pack.  What goes first and what stays outside... that sort of stuff.  Personally I chose the Osprey because of the comfort to weight ratio.  It is roughly 4.5 lbs itself, but the customization is terrific.  Upon purchase they heat up the hip pads and then you put them on for 10 minutes and they MOLD to your body shape.  That was one of the most terrific parts about the pack.  To me the suspension fit me much better than many other packs in this class.

My pack is an Osprey Aether 70.  So the following review can help break down a lot of the specific features.  Things like volume, or weight, & all the numbers that people like to see.  The 2010 model is different and the specifics might vary. REVIEW HERE.

As far as Photos, here they are: