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Press Release - Appalachian Trail hike!

Well it is finally time to start thinking really deeply about a commitment that my wife and I have decided to undertake.  We are going to be leaving in the middle of February and take 2 weeks before we leave on the trail to relax and spend time with family.  More and more details will emerge as we go.  For now I am going to be updating with posts on different equipment and the choices that we have made in regards to gear.  We hope that this type of information can be inspiration or a guide to those who come after us and try to achieve the same results that we are going to shoot for.  I am going to review tonight the gear that I have and in specific categories and then use this site to go through each piece of equipment.  With nice pics and also with some Youtube vids.

Thanks for joining us for this journey.  Once we get on the trail, we will also use this SAME blog to update our weekly progress and on into the future of our hiking careers.  Even in the future we might expand this to travelling and other things as well.

Here is a pic of me in Big Bend National Park at the Chisos Mountain Rage 7,825 ft elevation.



  1. Dear Annette & Wallace.

    Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to share about your preparations for your AT hike. I hope to follow you in 2012 and find a lot of inspiration in your posts.

    Best of luck with the hike, I look very much forward to reading the rest of your posts about getting ready and to follow you as you start the actual trail.



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