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Checklist for a long hike

I wanted to get a list started of all the things categorically or individually that are needed on a long hike, like the appalachian trail.  There are a few basics that each person should carry, as well as items that might vary from person to person.  Plus there is the broadness of the necessities that can vary widely as well.  Take for instance a stove.  That is one thing that I have had a LOT of experience with.  I have tried stove after stove and measured time to boil and how much fuel is in each canister or bottle of fuel.

So lets get to the list and as we review the list we will review what exactly each item that is chosen for that category will be and how it works.  We hope to post pics and videos of our items.

After the list we are going to then start reviewing methods, procedures, and of course the top of the charts of FOOD preparation.  How to make & cook individual meals that vary from extremely light to extremely easy; some are extremely light & easy.  But we will eventually get there.

List of items for a long hike:

* Footwear
* Backpack
* Sleeping bag
* Sleeping pad
* Tent/Tarp and/or Groundcloth
* Lighter/Flint Striker/Waterproof matches
* Stove & Fuel
* Cooking pot and eating utensils
* Knife or multi-tool
* Method to produce clean potable water; water purifier
* Food
* Water drinking bottle/canteen
* Rain Gear
* Gaiters
* Clothing
* Bandanas
* Jackets
* Trowel & Toilet paper
* Soap and wash towel
* Deodorant
* Dental Gear - Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss
* Nylon cord - for bear bag hanging
* Maps & Guidebooks
* Headlamp
* Cellphone - Waterproof, Camera, Clock, FM Radio
* Sunglasses
* First Aid kit
* Insect Repellent/Sun Screen

This list will be revised as we go along... join us for the review!  Stay tuned...

If something is left out, we will recap and build this list to a revised list that we will repost later down the line.